How We Make It

Although we do not offer tours of our actual plant, you can learn about the fascinating process of making the world-famous Cherry Mash and other fine candies with these candy-making videos.

Mixing Cherry Mash

The mixer blends real, crushed maraschino cherries into the creamy centers of the Cherry Mash candy bar. The mixture is vibrant pink and fills the room with a yummy cherry smell!

Up to 72,000 Cherry Mash Candy Bars per Day

The centers are formed, or "extruded," at an amazing pace!

Ready for the Chocolate

Next, the centers are coated, or "enrobed," with the chopped peanuts and chocolaty coating. The full-size bar is coated twice.

Red and White Candy Wrappers

The Cherry Mash bars are wrapped in their familiar red and white candy wrappers at the rate of up to 200 per minute!

I don't know about you, but that candy factory tour made me hungry!

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