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The Chase Candy Company has been making fine candies since 1876, including the world-famous Cherry Mash, the third-oldest candy bar in the country. Our family operated candy factory is located in historic St. Joseph, Missouri ― home to another American legend, outlaw Jesse James. Click here to learn more about Chase's nostalgic candy-making history.

Chase still uses time-tested recipes and the finest, freshest ingredients to make candy the old-fashioned way. We have, however, upgraded our equipment so that we're capable of making 72,000 Cherry Mash candy bars in a day. It's tough to keep up when you're producing America's favorite cherry candy bar! (We also use more than 15 tons of crushed maraschino cherries each year, but that's another story.)

To order Cherry Mash or our other fine candies direct from the factory, visit our online Candy Shoppe.

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